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Will Windows 8 tablets take off?

Queron Jephcott Team : User Experience and Information Architecture Tags : Mobile Technology

People claim I’m and Android fanboy. They claim this purely based on my dislike of Apple as a company. I’m not an Android fanboy, an Android enthusiast if anything, but not a fanboy. If we’re pigeonholing, I’ll go with an Apple conscientious objector.

The proof is in the fact that I’ve run Windows operating systems on every x86 and x64 machine I’ve ever owned. I love Windows. Vista burnt them, but they’ve recovered remarkably.

The reason I run Windows is the same reason I run Android:

‘You can pretty much do whatever you want…’

People then have the nerve to say:

‘Why don’t you run Windows Phone?’

My answer being:

‘Because you can’t do what you want…’

The rigidness of Windows Phone was a surprise to me. Microsoft was obviously trying to leverage a concept owned by Apple.

So why do I think that Windows 8 tablets will take off?

Simply because we’re going to start seeing more x86 tablets flying around.

The rise of Windows 8 tablets will be attributed to a couple of facts: 

  • Touch navigation is here to stay (I personally dislike it).
  • The 10” tablet market has never really found its footing. People claim the iPad is a success, and although it’s sold well. It’s not really filling any gap except as an entertainment device.
  • People will want a 10” device to be as powerful and flexible as their laptop. Rightfully so.
  • People want more portable devices, thus the rise in Ultrabooks.
  • Tablet screens will shrink to fill the void between phones and 10” devices. Google knew this (Nexus 7), Apple know this (iPad mini), Samsung, HTC and other know this (the rise of the phablet).

Windows 8 tablets will take off as they will perfectly fit the flexible, full powered 10” device category.

I know what I want for my next work computer: