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Accessibility in Private Business

WCAG 1.0 is almost 15 years old, so where is everyone upto in the world of web accessibility?

Matthew Bruce

It's March 2016 - what browsers and operating systems should we be supporting?

A regular client asked me which browsers (version numbers) and devices would be supported by the new responsive web application, which we are currently building out. I was about to fire off an email in reply, when I realised that I'd been copy/pasting the same answer to this question for the past three years. How time flies when you're building websites... so I did a bit of research and a sweep around the office to get a new consensus on Wiliam's position.

Kathleen Shrimpton


From November onwards you'll be able to use Let's Encrypt for a free SSL certificate.


Modern Policy Compliance Issues

Although compliance usually translates as following judicial decision, statutes and regulations, compliance in modern times has added a new limb: policy compliance. The heart of the modern governance structure, be it civil or corporate, is policy formulation and execution.

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