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Matthew Bruce Team : Web Production Featured

Kicking real goals in Information Technology

No, this is not another meaningless political slogan. I just want to tell a quick story about some fantastic work we've completed for one of our major clients. Something a bit out of the ordinary from what we normally boast about, and something our team is quite proud of. It also reminded me why we are in this game, the IT industry: to support the business.

Edwin Antonian Team : Web Design Featured

Re-imagining forms

Making forms fun is a difficult task. But Virgin has managed to do just that.

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Featured

Does's form design work?

Form design is critical to website conversion. We have some golden rules as web designers and it is a brave soul that challenges these rules.

Queron Jephcott Team : User Experience and Information Architecture Featured

Axure RP 7.0 is around the corner, but…

Axure RP 7.0 is in beta and will be released soon to replace 6.5. There's one new feature that's not great.

Vince Scordino

Where do your selfies live?

A look into server farms, and where all the "How to's", selfies, posts, comments, photos and videos live.

Edwin Antonian

Scrolling, Scrolling, Scrolling…

Designers often feel pressure to reduce margins and pack the majority of content above some arbitrary ‘fold’ line.

Waterfall, Agile, Scrum… what works for real web projects?

A quick inside to real web project management. From the theory to the practice. Waterfall, agile, scrum, what really works?

Queron Jephcott

The top 5 things to put in Axure 7

The ability to copy and paste cases as well as actions within cases saves heaps of time.

Queron Jephcott

Trying to ditch the functional specification – part 2

I’m starting my series of blogs by heading back to basics…

Queron Jephcott

Updating an Axure wireframe from scratch

As an interaction designer, a large proportion of my time at work is spent using Axure. Axure is a strong tool, helping us maintain consistency across our prototypes by utilising masters and dynamic panels. However, during the course of prototyping a web site, your Axure prototype can easily resemble a mash up of colours, panels and masters.

Robert Beerworth

Quick, Look to your Right

Users statistically click RHS calls-to-action more than LHS ones

Queron Jephcott

Transaction reference numbers increase usability

I titled this blog so blatantly because it sounds like an oxymoron. A huge alphanumeric jumble of characters and the notion of increasing the usability of a web site doesn’t sound right.

Believe what you see, not what you read

Far too often, people settle for expert analysis and predictions from their web site developers and why not? Your web designers have been around for X years and the guy designing it has 10+ years experience creating websites, so surely they know what they’re doing, right? Wrong!

Queron Jephcott

Where do form buttons belong?

We recently had some discussion regarding where button belong at the bottom of forms. If you don’t have time to read this whole post, here’s the quick answer: There isn’t one.

Wiliam Staff

Can You Even Make A Good HTML Form Anymore?

HTML forms have always been a secret little enjoyment of mine. While many user interface designers die a little inside every time they have to turn 300 questions into a simple two-step online form, I relish the opportunity.

Queron Jephcott

How Hi is Lofi

As prototyping tools such as Axure increase in features, our prototypes are becoming more and more complicated.

Web Widget Best Practices

As with information architecture for standard web pages, designing the user experience for web widgets and iPhone apps is a similar process, but with the key difference being the size of the area you have to work in.

Effective use of white space in web design

White space can be your best and worst enemy. Too little and the page looks crowded and confusing, too much and the individual content elements look lost and disassociated with each other.

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