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Robert Beerworth

Microsoft launches an HTML5 demonstration website

With the launch of Internet Explorer 89, Microsoft can finally launch its own HTML5 demonstration website

Robert Beerworth

Visualising the readiness of web browsers for HTML5 and CSS3

Two separate clients asked me this week if we would be building their websites in HTML5...

Robert Beerworth

How to tell if it's HTML5

There is a simple test.

Robert Beerworth

Should I build my website in HTML5?

HTML5 is coming, though when do you pull the trigger? Turns out, it all depends on who you're pointing at.

Vince Scordino

Apple pushes HTML 5

After the recent launch of Apple’s iPad and the flaming they continually get for their lack of Adobe Flash support in their products, Apple has come back harder and stronger with a specially made page showcasing HTML5, CSS3 and it’s capabilities.

Vince Scordino

A Quick Look at Video in HTML5

A Quick Look at Video in HTML5 As the current HTML5 specification is continually drafted, the support for video compatibility on modern day browsers is ever increasing with the introduction of the < video > tag.

Robert Beerworth

We're not ready for HTML5

HTML isn't the silver bullet to the problems of the web. It doesn't add the sparkle many think it does. And it's not ready for commercial use...

Wiliam Staff

When to use HTML 5?

HTML 5 is still in development, but developers are keen to implement it now. However, due to the lack of cross browser compatibility for html 5, and the large percentage of people who don’t use HTML5 compliant browsers, clients can be wary about developing a site in HTML5 and alienating alot of users/customers.

Jayde Smith

HTML5 Gaming

We are excited about HTML5 - A new, emerging technology which is open source, completely free and, as you will very quickly realize, powerful enough to create fun and addictive online games.

Robert Beerworth

You should start to get your head around HTML5

It is fair to say that the slow transition from HTML4 to HTML5 has begun. It is slow and without a clear direction, though more and more glimmers of HTML5 are appearing. It’s time to get your head around it.

Wiliam Staff

HTML 5 &lt;!DOCTYPE&gt;

HTML5 is on its way. What is different?

Wiliam Staff

The Wonder of HTML5

Mozilla's Web O' Wonder shows off some of the amazing things that can be done with HTML5.

Mark Greenwood

HTML5 history API

A little used feature of HTML5 is the HTML5 history API - a new standardised way to manipulate the browser history.

Wiliam Staff

Looking forward to HTML 5!

Yet another development in the realm of HTML - the core markup language of the World Wide Web; with the revision of HTML and therefore subsequent recent release of HTML5, this new web standard is expected to reduce the need for Adobe Flash.

Mark Greenwood

HTML5 Application Cache

HTML5 introduces application cache. This means that a web application can be cached, and accessible without an internet connection!

Wiliam Staff

Using HTML5 Local Storage for simulating web app functionality

HTML5 is picking up steam in the web development world as the new standard for interactivity

Wiliam Staff

Web Apps for iPad

The iPad has a mature WebKit implementation. The WebKit now supports HTML5, such as local storage and web sockets, which are essential for desktop quality web applications. As iPhone and iPad don’t support Flash, the only solution is HTML5 video / SVG.

Vince Scordino

Finally, a HTML5 spec for Web Developers!

If you’re a front-end web developer, chances are you’ve never read the HTML5 spec (I don’t blame you). You see, the HTML5 spec was written for browser developers (not web), so the worst part of viewing it would be the attempt to translate such gibberish the actual spec dictates into words a normal human can understand. Have no fear, the W3C’s HTML Working Group (not to be confused with the WHATWG) has published a draft of a far more readable spec named “HTML5: Edition for Web Authors”.

Jason Deacon

WebGL Part 2

They have confirmed that IE 11 will support WebGL as well as other HTML5 features.

Wiliam Staff

HTML5 Audio Element

The [fairly] new HTML5 spec has brought many favours to web developers – two of the most high profile additions to the HTML spec are the Audio and Video elements. They both have caught my attention because of the simplicity they have brought to introducing rich media to any website. For this post I will focus on the new Audio element.

Guy MacArthur

Apple doesn't support Flash

Last week during an Apple town hall meeting Steve Jobs condemned Adobe for being the a bunch of lazy SOB's who write buggy code.

Wiliam Staff

Mobile Marketing with Smartphones and HTML5

While HTML 5 is still receiving a big NO literally, many are jumping at the chance to develop their own apps using the HTML5, Javascript and CSS3 tools to build web apps and mobile websites.

Jason Deacon

WebGL in HTML5

WebGL is an implementation of OpenGL ES 2.0 which is accessible through the HTML5 canvas element. It allows the display and interaction of 3D graphics using the users own video card for hardware acceleration.

Wiliam Staff

Mobile website - Native App - COMBINED; frothing!!

This morning I worked through their documentation, certified myself as an Apple Dev and BOOM my mobile web app was running on my IPhone.

Mark Greenwood

What you are likely missing out on if your browser isn't HTML5 compatible.

With many effects now being handled natively, interactive and dynamic elements respond more quickly and smoothly than ever before.

Robert Beerworth

Allowing the browser on your phone to access the phone camera

Access your smartphone's camera through your browser.

Wiliam Staff

Current Trends in Web Design

As web designers, we have to be on top of current trends in order to be at our design peak. We need to learn to apply them and then learn to grow them so we can challenge ourselves.

Wiliam Staff

Different formats of online video streaming

There are many different ways to stream online video. There are also many different file formats. Which ones are best and why?

Jason Deacon

Uploading a file over an Ajax postback

There is a more elegant way to upload files from your website than resorting to Flash or HTML5.

Jason Deacon

As if we needed another reason not to use Internet Explorer

Recently a vulnerability was found in Internet Explorer which affects versions 6 through to 11, which is pretty much every version currently in use.

Vince Scordino

The Importance of Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) Browser Testing

Arguably one of the most difficult challenges facing web developers today is getting a beautiful and intuitive design to look exactly the same in every currently-used web browser (yes, this also includes Internet Explorer 6 guys).

Robert Beerworth

Wario Land – Shake it! 2008 – Still my favourite viral/Flash/web thing

There is plenty of cool, unique, fun and damn impressive stuff online. This viral piece for a Nintendo Wii game – now almost 3 years old – still takes the cake for me.

Wiliam Staff

HTML5 Multiple File Upload and ASP.Net MVC Ajax

Need to post multiple files via a form asynchronously?

Benjamin Tinker

Learning MVC3 with Razor?

Always get a second opinion when sourcing code samples

Uyen Nguyen

Junior Developer Focus - How to build your first Bootstrap website using Cloud9

This blog will show you how to build your own Bootstrap website in the cloud with no installation required.

Robert Beerworth

Some great infographic resources

Bag them out, though most users love infographics and they can have a really positive aspect on your website, its traffic and its conversion.

Wiliam Staff

4 Extra tips to making your website touch friendly

I have a few more tips on how to better ensure your website is touch friendly.

Simon Miller

Is it really like Office Space?

When I tell new friends that I am a developer, and explain to them what that entails, I very quickly feel like Peter Gibbons from the movie Office Space.

Tom Nason

A killer campaign that was almost just another boring form

Forms can be boring. On paper we spend time carefully filling out tiny boxes hoping that the person (or machine) that’s receiving them can interpret our handwriting. Online we hope that our browser can remember enough of our personal information to get us at least half way there. We can’t get away from them but that doesn't mean they have to feel like a chore.

Natalie Ashes

Airbnb launches their new look website

Airbnb's new look site launched last week, it included a complete re-design of every template on their site. That is quite a job for a website with 6,430,000 pages!

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