The Wonder of HTML5

HTML 5 isn't just around the corner. It's rounded the corner already, and it's amazing what it can do.

Google has been an early adopter - integrating some funky HTML5-based animations into its famous Google Doodles.

This week at Wiliam, we wrapped up front-end development of our first pure-HTML5 website. We've been very impressed with what can be achieved with HTML, WebGL, Javascript and some CSS3.

Meanwhile, the folks over at Mozilla have put together a gallery showcasing the wonder of HTML5. Our favourites are the addictive game Runfield, the JPEG-, GIF- and PNG-free design of The London Project, the undeniably awesome WebGL mini-movie The Navigator and "Google Street View on Crack" - 360° Video.

It's easy to forget that none of these demos use Flash or any other proprietary technologies.

Roll up! Roll up!