Mobile website - Native App - COMBINED; frothing!!

So, I am frothing on a particular technology by the name of  PhoneGap at the moment.

It has boldly promised to bridge the gap between Web development and Native App development by creating cross platform API by the name of Apache Cordova using HTML5, JavaScript & CSS which is then built it into any mobile platform you are looking to launch on!! and you know what IT WORKS – in known cause I just tried it!

This morning I worked through their documentation, certified myself as an Apple Dev and BOOM my mobile web app was running on my IPhone.

So what this means for us as web devs; as long as the front end is HTML5, JS & CSS – we bolt in a SOA & boom you have a seriously powerful app with all the capabilities of a web app. Crazy.

This is only the beginning…frothing*.

*frothing: definition #2