Looking forward to HTML 5!

Yet another development in the realm of HTML - the core markup language of the World Wide Web; with the revision of HTML and therefore subsequent recent release of HTML5, this new web standard is expected to reduce the need for Adobe Flash.

Already companies such as Apple have openly embraced this new change and have taken measures to highlight the capabilities and features by showcasing several demonstrations that display some really cool effects. However, at present, such demonstrations by Apple appear to only be accessible via the Safari4 browser (www.pcworld.com/). There is a wide range of demonstrations of how HTML5 can be used for video, typography, gallery, transitions, audio, 360 degree rotation available at: http://www.apple.com/html5/   

Web developers can now use HTML5 as a powerful tool for rendering graphics in the web browser, easily, efficiently and with real-time processing on client side. One amazing feature is that it is ‘plug-in free’ and only requires a few lines of JavaScript/HTML 5 APIs depending on what needs to be achieved. Benefits include its interoperability and ability to meet the online demands for diverse web content (www.readwriteweb.com). 

The downside, according to webmoney.com…the final release date is expected 2022! However, some browsers such as Opera, Safari and FireFox already offer support for many HTML5 elements. (http://www.webmonkey.com).