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Wario Land – Shake it! 2008 – Still my favourite viral/Flash/web thing

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Social Media Marketing


Your meeting with a client is wrapping up and you turn to the latest, coolest things you’ve recently seen online; a few minutes of innocuous chit-chatter before you fly back to your respective desks and emails.

YouTube videos, Uniqlo’s most recent, crazy-successful viral campaign and some website's mega drop-down menus containing Flash, video and Virtual Reality, all at the same time.

Or it could be some new microsite from Nike, a calculator that works out the amount of skin you have based on your height, weight and age, or a recently released HTML5 website that combines creativity, technology and entertainment (thanks Lin Jive TV).

Yep, there is a never-ending amount of creative, clever, zany and downright impressive stuff on the web.

My all-time favourite however is theNintendo (Mario) Wario Land – Shake It! Wii YouTube promotion.

It’s very clever, it’s very subtle and it’s especially very cool.

Sure, Apple’s banner ads, where the character walks from banner ad to banner ad are great, though there is nothing like Mario trashing YouTube when you least expected it.