Building the best websites

Dismiss any beliefs of what makes the best website.

The best websites present its objectives simply. Great websites are down to earth. A good website does not claim to be something it isn’t. It gets straight to the point and makes it easier for users to act.

While there are no rules, in order to build the very best websites, your website should enhance users brand loyalty – your organisations online presence should compliment your offline endeavours.

Building great websites involves a combination of usability and functionality, both technical and aesthetic, to provide an impressionable experience for users.

You must develop an impressionable online experience for users, because essentially it’s not about you, your product or your brand. The online world revolves around the user. In order to survive in Business 2.0 organisations must develop websites that incorporate a combination of:

Content – including well written copy, social media and networking capabilities
Proficient design
Technological features in line with today’s user demands
Most importantly – Usability.

Offer unique and informative content

Think of your website as the most intimate medium between you and the user. You’re providing a one on one experience – so develop your website to encompass original, credible and customised content geared towards your target demographic.

Think quality not quantity – structure your copy to allow users to:

Easily scan text
Read minimal information with the maximum effect
Get exactly the information they crave – integrate keyword rich content throughout your website
Offer them fresh, valuable content and users will become and remain brand loyal.

Win over a Web 2.0 global audience – allow users to put themselves on show

By allowing users to interconnect with each other on your website, you are enabling users to generate valuable content for you. User generated content not only engages users but leaves a lasting impression long after their screen is switched off.

By creating online forums, chat features, online newsletters, video and audio libraries and social networking opportunities including Facebook applications – organisations can generate invaluable viral marketing that reaches a worldwide audience.

Website design is like a song – if it’s terrible within the first few moments, turn it off!

Avoid sending users on a wild goose chase when they log onto your website. Prompt them with simple, effortless design to make their experience an enjoyable one - Keep page length and scroll to a minimum and maintain the look and feel consistently throughout your web site.

Provide alternative ways for users to get around your web site – users respond differently with navigation. Equip your web site with text and symbolic graphics to allow users to get comfortable browsing content.

Search on your website shouldn’t be like hide and seek!

Statistics state that up to 80% of users will leave a web site if the search is poor. Encourage users to stay on your site.

By supplying search, using tools such as Google Mini, you present a business branded tool to allow users to locate the exact information they are after using appropriate keywords. Used in combination with relevant content, it strengthens your customer base.

Build it - but they may not come

Never make the assumption that by simply building a 1 page website, users will log on in their droves to view your fantastic products or services. Offer them something other than a colourful background with text. Give them something to take away with them.  Offer information, interactivity, entertainment, perks, and a little more than an email address.

The online web 2.0 world is user generated, vibrant, and promptly altering the way organizations are interacting with users. Efficient, condensed, and original content fashioned amongst an appealing, and consistent format form the best websites online.