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Maximillian Crawford-smith

Cracking social media: how Facebook decides what is on your news feed.

Marketing your business on social media seems pretty straight forward; create a presence on social media, publish relevant and interesting content, get likes and critical mass will do the rest.

Matthew Bruce

Why you can't dislike something on Facebook

Everybody has had that moment (or maybe a few) where you wished you could 'dislike' something you've seen on Facebook. And you wouldn't be the first person who's wondered why there's no dislike button.

Robert Beerworth

I like connects Instagram fans to the eCommerce websites selling the gear they want to buy.

Maximillian Crawford-smith

Coupons; increasing conversion and customer loyalty 

Driving sales and customer loyalty has never been easier.

Folake Osibodu

Is this the end for Google Plus?

The rumours aren't a good omen. And with the departure of the founding father of Google Plus, the question around Google Plus' future is real.

Bess Batterham

The 10 fast-rising digital buzzwords of 2013

And their definitions, so you don't have to continue to pretend to know what they mean.

Kathleen Shrimpton

Customer Service in Social Media

Maritz Research recently conducted a study on people’s expectations on customer service over Twitter. 1,298 consumers participated in the study by writing complaints or enquiries on company Twitter pages. The main key finding was that only a 1/3 of the companies responded despite how 86% of the consumers who didn’t receive a response expected one specific to their comment.

Edwin Antonian

How to customise AddThis Sharing icons

As websites rely more and more on social networks to promote their presence, it's nice to be able to customise the default icons you usually get with “Add this” and “Share this”.

Robert Beerworth

Wario Land – Shake it! 2008 – Still my favourite viral/Flash/web thing

There is plenty of cool, unique, fun and damn impressive stuff online. This viral piece for a Nintendo Wii game – now almost 3 years old – still takes the cake for me.

Roslyn Zolandor

Implementing the Facebook Like button on your website

There are 2 ways to implement a Facebook Like button. First using a iFrame which is easier to implement but limited and secondly using XFBML which is more complicated to implement but is more versatile. I will give examples and the pro’s and con’s of each.

Wiliam Staff

Social Media accounts grouping – One app to rule them all

Many people have more than one social media account out there. With so many services offering different features and/or geared towards different facets of your life why restrict yourself to just one.

Robert Beerworth

Further observations of FourSquare

I’m another month or so into FourSquare and it has certainly become an app I “use” at least once or twice a day. My blog however, questions why..

Robert Beerworth

Promoted Tweets can/do work

I’ve listened to quite a few podcasts recently debating the merits of Twitter’s new Promoted Tweets, the concept that advertisers can essentially sponsor targeted tweets.

Big brands fail at social networking

It seems that even some of the biggest brands in Australia aren’t using social networks to their full potential (or even at all).

Daniel Wright

Web 2.0 Suicide Machine

2010 is certain to bring many interesting technological developments but as an early contender, look no further than the Web 2.0 Suicide Machine.

Is Twitter the frontier of a successful business strategy?

The answer to this question appears to still be debatable, with many companies boasting the benefits which they have leveraged from injecting Twitter into their business strategy, whilst others still argue that it is a ‘fad’ that is soon to disappear.

Australian use of social media increases..again!

Is your company involved in social media marketing? Y/N?

Daniel Wright

Social Media – What’s in it for me?

Sure, social media sounds like a great idea. After all, everybody’s doing it – with their facespace pages, Tweetbooks and so on. But before you can even worry about how to make money out of it, you’ve got to work out how you’re going to afford to invest in it in the first place.

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