Is this the end for Google Plus?

In the summer of 2011, Google introduced an exclusive invite-only social media service, Google +.  This happened to be the summer before I entered university which meant many of the incoming first year students had just been getting to know each other via Facebook.  Because it was new, we were very excited to be able to try a new way to communicate because we were getting tired of Facebook and veering more towards Twitter. The idea of sharing content with different Circles gained everyone’s attention, because you could now put different people in their own separate groups.  You could separate your coworkers from your fraternity housemates, and both groups from your family. I would have called it revolutionary.

It was very quickly integrated into webpages to +1 something we liked. I thought it was a Facebook copycat. After a few months of hype, I completely forgot about it. Google integrated my profile into everything Google related, such as Docs, Youtube, and Picasa. Although I found it annoying, it took me almost three years to figure out how to delete my profile. 

Today, it seems that the apparent founding father, Vic Gundotra, has left Google. So where does that leave Google Plus?

What of the future of Google Plus?'

In my opinion, it needs a major overhaul and some fancy new tricks to regain my attention once again.