Coupons; increasing conversion and customer loyalty 

I remember being a kid in ripped jeans and bare feet (not much has changed) sifting through the countless piles of discounts and bargains I found in junk mail left by my mother.

I often wondered why I found them so captervating, but something about reading through deals on technology and DVDs captured my imagination.

These days junk mail has become a thing of my formative golden years – but the coupon lives on in digital form and I still love the idea of finding a deal on a new piece of technology. 

Coupons can be a powerful tool in eCommerce,  and with minimal investment you can really start to; 

  • Encourage customers to return.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Promote a new products.
  • Trial a new product.
  • And gain customer insights.

Phil Frost from Main Street ROI wrote that “coupon codes are an excellent way to track and measure your advertising ROI. Simply use a different code for each ad outlet (i.e. Google vs. Bing vs. Facebook) so our can see exactly how many sales each campaign generated.

According to one consumer group, it is estimated that more than 68 million users will redeem coupons in 2015 on tablets in the US alone; with more than 74 million on smart phones. 

Using coupons in conjunction with social media and other marketing campaigns will increase your chances of success and drive serious growth in sales for your business .   

Social coupon campaigns can are a great way of;

  • Starting conversations.
  • Generating hype for your brand.
  • Building a loyal fan base.
  • And Rewarding engagement.

The more you invest in promoting your business and creating a customer loyalty the more success you are going to have online.