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Matthew Bruce Team : Web Production Featured

A touchy subject

It's been nearly 10 years since Apple launched the first touch screen smartphone in 2007. Did you know however, that the first touch screen was actually invented in 1965? That's nearly fifty years ago to the day! Yet I wonder, would anybody have believed it, if told that by the year 2015, there'd be more touch-screen enabled smart phones and tablets, than human beings on the planet? Or by 2020, it is estimated that there will be 4.3 internet connected 'things' for every person?! That's something like 33 billion devices, with a hell of a lot of touch screens.

Natalie Ashes Team : Web Production Featured

Are people truly Altruistic? Tips for donating online

Tips you need to know for donating online.

Matthew Bruce

It's nice to feel appreciated

A couple of months back I published a blog about cart abandonment technologies, and used 'Rejoiner' as a specific example that we had integrated for one of our major clients with tremendous, overnight success. Today I received a heart-felt thank you letter from the Rejoiner CEO himself. Chuffed!

Maximillian Crawford-smith

Coupons; increasing conversion and customer loyalty 

Driving sales and customer loyalty has never been easier.

Maximillian Crawford-smith

Cloud based CRM systems: why SFDC is worth the time and effort

Client Relationship Management (CRM) plays an important role in any business, and it is often the difference between success and failure. It is a business imperative to implement a structured, yet streamlined sales process, no matter the size.

Natalie Ashes

Change your content for Christmas. A quick A/B test case study

If you are selling "gifts" online, you may want to consider changing your copy before Christmas.

Robert Beerworth

Quick, Look to your Right

Users statistically click RHS calls-to-action more than LHS ones

Robert Beerworth

Improve your EDM performance by 40%: ratings and reviews

The inclusion of customer ratings and reviews in Vodafone Hutchison Electronic Direct Marketing (EDMs) improved the click-through rate of their emails by 40%.

Christmas Spike Traffic to Shopping Websites

A common consideration for Ecommerce businesses is how and when to target their Christmas customers. Seasonal traffic details outlined in recent Neilson data can help with the “when”.

Online Price Comparison

With businesses, individuals and families beginning to feel the pinch of the economic downturn, we are finding it increasingly important to look for the best possible deals and prices. Whether it is a few dollars saving on the weekly grocery bill or a few hundred dollars on a new washing machine – every dollar counts. We also want to buy from a retailer who is reputable and who will be around long after the purchase.

Five Last Minute Tips for Increasing Holiday Sales Online

December is here and the holiday shopping season is in full swing. If you weren’t able to implement all your plans or if sales need a little boost here are some last minute tips for capitalizing on holiday spending, especially in this difficult economy.

Wiliam Staff

Website-to-CRM lead automation

One of the requests we are receiving more and more is to engineer the ability for our clients to have their web generated leads directly added to their Microsoft Dynamics CRM(Customer Relationship Management) software, Salesforce or other CRM

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