Web 2.0 Suicide Machine

So first you joined Facebook, and then you got a LinkedIn Profile because somebody said it was essential for your career. Before you knew it you were buying an iPhone just so that you could update your twitter more easily and now you’re stuck in an infinite loop of social networks.

2010 is certain to bring many interesting technological developments but as an early contender, look no further than the Web 2.0 Suicide Machine. If you’re tired of your social networks full of “friends” that you’ve never met and don’t really talk to then this service is aimed at you. 

In a nutshell the service will remove any trace of your ever having been a part of MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. It will do away with your virtual friendships and identity, leaving no trace that you were ever there.

Apparently the service is working pretty well, although it may not be long before the social networking sites in question begin to react. Facebook has already blocked the site’s IP address, stating that the service breaches their Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

So, if you’ve ever been tempted to wipe your digital slate clean, now might be the time.