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Social Media accounts grouping – One app to rule them all

Wiliam Staff Team : Staff Tags : Social Media Marketing

Many people have more than one social media account out there.  With so many services offering different features and/or geared towards different facets of your life why restrict yourself to just one.

There are quite a few clients (web-browser, desktop and mobile phone based) to help you sort it all out in one easy to use interface.

Here are just a few I like:

  1. Sobees (beta) – It’s a Windows based client running on the .NET framework, but you Linux and Mac users should know how to handle that (virtualization).  It currently supports FB:Facebook, IN:LinkedIn, MP:MySpace, TW:Twitter, and RSS feeds. http://www.sobees.com
  2. Threadsy – A nice web-based client though a little light on the social media accounts support it also handles multiple email services.  Very well organized and a nice colour scheme to boot!  Emails, Facebook updates and Tweets on the same page... I’m liking it. [FB, TW, GM:Gmail, YM:Yahoo Mail, HM:Hotmail] http://www.threadsy.com 
  3. TweetDeck – Twitter and Facebook integration all in one iPhone app...  and iPad app... and desktop app!   Loving the columned layout for organizing your different services and service features.  Also handles multiple Twitter accounts.  Beware, the desktop application uses Adobe AIR and chews memory.  [TW, FB] http://www.tweetdeck.com/iphone

I liked all of these apps mainly for their ability of organizing multiple services in an easy to use and logical manner.  Sobees and TweetDeck also don’t even show any ads!  If I wanted to advertising clogging up my vision I’d watch TV or read a magazine... two things I’ve given up on.  Threadsy has a little of the ad annoyance on the footer of the page, however, I’m hoping a Chrome extension or Firefox add-on will come along to take care of that.