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What is wrong with the Google Analytics In-Page overlay

Natalie Ashes Team : Web Production Tags : Online Marketing Google

Where do I start

  1. It never works. Most of the time I get the error message shown below, loading in full view usually fixes it. If it doesn't then you need to either try Chrome or go into settings and make sure your URL is the same in all the properties. Check here for more information:

  2. It can be really slow at times especially on long pages

  3. Its really hard to close. The "exit button" doesn't seem to work. I usually have to log out of analytics to make it stop. 

  4. (Most importantly) It doesn't give you accurate data! It provides page level data to track clicks which is grossly inaccurate. If you have two links that go to the same place and one gets 20 clicks and the other gets 5 clicks, In-Page overlay will show 25 on both links. It doesn't distinguish which is clicked more. To get this data you need to heat mapping technologies such as Crazy Egg. These technologies will show specific number of clicks on each link so you can easily identify which is and isn't working.

All the links below go to the same place and google shows them all the same, heat mapping would distinguish which is clicked more. 


Analytics is so powerful however if you are serious about analytical data in will need to be used in conjunction with other technologies that specialise in page interactions.