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Checkout design done right

Edwin Antonian Team : Web Design Tags : Web Design User Experience

The goal of any well designed checkout process should be about making the process as pleasant as possible for a user, after all they are about to part with hard earned cash, so making the process seamless is key.

The exceptional checkout process is one which prioritises the user. Bonobos is an online store that does just that. It utilises 4 key attributes to create a well considered experience:


1. Smooth process begins when an item is added to the cart. The item appears in a sliding bar on the right giving the user a clear path to either keep shopping or checkout.

2. Good typography and subtle colours helps the user focus on the task

3. Manageable chunks of information are grouped in three distinct columns with the next step faded out until it’s required.

4. Elegant and clean column layout with plenty of white space allows each section to sit independently in the process.

The well design experience doesn’t stop on the website, Bonobos also has a well design email marketing campaign which keeps the customer connected with the brand.

At times, emails are even playful to encourage re-engagement with users that have dropped off.