Benefits of Live Support

The Internet grows each day, bringing a continual stream of new competitors to the market. With so many available options, you will need to provide your potential customers with as many reasons to choose your e-commerce site as possible. The level of customer service you offer can make the difference between soaring sales or users that run to your competition.

In the past, your methods of providing customer support were relatively limited.  Email support is very inexpensive, but shoppers are increasingly losing patience with the wait usually required to get an answer. Phone support is great for providing immediate answers. However, the cost of maintaining a dedicated telephone line and support staff can make it nearly impossible to fit within smaller budgets.

A new trend has emerged in recent years called Live Support. In this model, users can click on a button which opens a live chat session with a representative, all in real time. This support method offers several benefits:

Increase Your Sales
Customers do not wait for answers on product questions. If you wish to increase conversions, you must be able to immediately address questions and concerns at the point the customer is considering the purchase. This reduces the risk of losing a sale at the last moment.

Track Support
The transcript from support chat sessions can be saved and classified. This information can be extremely valuable for understanding how effective your site layout is, if product details contain enough information, what common issues users face on your site and numerous other support related metrics.

Streamline Support Efforts
Online chat sessions are generally less disruptive for your employees to address, allowing you to use your staff in the most effective manner. Support representatives can even copy and paste answers to common question, saving additional time and effort.

Cost Effective
Live chat services remain exceptionally cost effective to implement, especially when comparing costs to other live methods such as telephone. You are likely to save when factoring in the more effective use of staff as well.