Facebook Platform Opens Up

As one of just a handful of Australian few web agencies specialising in Facebook Application development our technologies team were glad to see this morning’s announcement by Facebook that they will be opening up the platform even further. 

Now Facebook applications written in FBML will be made available on other websites including competing social networking sites such as Bebo. This advancement will allow Facebook applications to be available on these networks, greatly expanding their reach to much larger audiences than with Facebook alone. It’s also well timed, given that Google’s own application platform, OpenSocial is scheduled for release in January. This strategic move will ensure that Facebook continues to dominate this space. Facebook have said they intend to sell licenses for their platform.

We’ll be discussing this development with our existing clients and recommending any required changes necessary. Add to this, we’ll release an updated version of the own Facebook application, the Blog RSS Feed Reader which will make use of the FBML and take advantage of the Facebook Platform to its entirety.