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Bess Batterham

Turn those double taps into dollar signs

Amateur photography meets stock photography. #Genius

Natalie Ashes

Are people really transacting on Facebook?

Ultimately the way you interact with a Facebook page is not the same as how you interact with a web page.

Robert Beerworth

Facebook applications are no different to websites

They might look small and simple, though Facebook applications are quite literally websites themselves and are no different to build.

Natalie Ashes

Optimising your Facebook app

Wiliam have recently launched a Facebook application called Winkiwoo, where users can print Facebook photos. After going on Living Social and selling almost 15 thousand books at launch, we know too well that the Facebook applications need to be optimised.

Robert Beerworth

The launch of Winkiwoo

We’re pretty excited to announce the launch of Winkiwoo, a Facebook application we’ve been developing for a client for the past few months.

Like it? Send it!

Facebook Like has a new friend - The Send Button

Wiliam Staff

Social Networking - Trend or Fad?

Social networking can be a powerful medium to create brand dialogues - as has been proven by iconic Aussie brands such as Tim Tams, Breville, Vegemite... A business must identify the fit between their target audience and their chosen method of communication.

Wiliam Staff

The Tiered Approach: Who Social Networking campaigns reach – and who they don’t

Building social networking strategies is necessary for successful online marketing. However, as many companies are finding – one size doesn’t fit all.

Flash application development for Facebook

Many of the recent Facebook applications we’ve designed are Flash applications that were made to operate in the Facebook environment. These can greatly increase traffic if developed for your website.

Wiliam Staff

Why A Facebook Application is Good Marketing

While marketing firms hunt for new methodologies to target specific demographics, the members of Facebook almost obsessively self-define. This results in an abundant, well-articulated and international pool of potential customers.The question is how to reach them. The answer is by building a Facebook application.

Blog RSS Feed Reader for Facebook

Wiliam'st Facebook Application, called the Blog RSS Feed Reader now supports multi-feeds.

Wiliam Staff

Daft Punk

Vince from our web development team noticed that our Facebook Application was being used by Daft Punk.

Wiliam Staff

Facebook Platform Opens Up

As one of just a handful of Australian few web agencies specialising in Facebook Application development our technologies team were glad to see this morning’s announcement by Facebook that they will be opening up the platform even further.

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