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Why Your Business Must Be On The Mobile Web

Tags : Mobile Web

2012 is the year of the mobile web. The idea has been around for a while but the raw power of the technology is only now seizing the undivided attention of business owners.

A quick search in Google Trends reveals a gradual decline in interest in the traditional desktop ‘web browser’; searches for the term have decreased over the last 7 years. (Guess where on the timeline Google Chrome was released?)


On the contrary, the term ‘mobile web browser’ has seen a significant upswing in the last few years. Clearly more and more people are looking to get on the mobile web.



By 2014 it is expected that the mobile web usage will overtake that of desktop browsing (this and more interesting stats at DBB. The majority of people will be looking for your business on their smartphone and if they can’t find you they will go to your competitors. Put simply you need to be spending as much time and effort on your mobile presence as your traditional website or risk being pushed out of the market.

What was once a luxury is now an absolute necessity. It has taken a while for businesses to realise this but in the last two years there has been an astronomical rise in searches for ‘mobile web design’. If you haven’t been looking for mobile web design recently you can guarantee your competitors have.