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Does Paypal really increase conversion?

Natalie Ashes Team : Web Production Tags : e-commerce

Yes. If you have an e-commerce site and are contemplating adding pay pal as an option then do it. Over 50% of online shoppers abandon their shopping cart before checking out. The only way to grow your business online is to increase your conversion rate and push through more sales. Trust is one of the most important hindrances online, without it sales will be affected. Paypal is trusted.

Users are generally familiar with Paypal’s payment process, they recognise the logo and are confident in Paypal’s money back guarantee. If Paypal is an option then it is important to promote it before a user has entered the buying funnel; this will increase trust.

In a recent survey that we did for a client 57% of people said they would only pay with Paypal. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have Payment Gateway integration as an option, but it does mean that more than half (of the people we surveyed) would only transact if Paypal was available. The same can be said with Paypal on a mobile site; one client of ours recently added pay pal to their mobile site and saw conversions increase by over 30%. These figures are backed up by a recent claim by Paypal that on Cyber Monday (a marketing term used to describe the Monday immediately following black Friday, said to be the biggest online shopping days of the year) mobile payment through Paypal increased by 514% since last year.

Mobile conversions are escalating daily and optimising your site for a mobile device and making it as easy as possible for users to transact is imperative. Adding Paypal as an option means users’ with an account are not restricted by searching for credit card details in order to complete their purchase.

If you are thinking of adding paypal to your website, or mobile site then do it. Paypal is certainly not going to decrease your sales, so why not.