We’re here for the long haul – the changing face of Web Services

Complacency is a killer when it comes to retaining your competitive position online. The past 18 months has seen a significant increase in the adoption of technologies and techniques that only last year, were perceived by some as “never going to catch on”. More often than not, comments such as these were made by people outside of the industry, by people who perceive their own online habits as comparable to that of the users of their firms website. Such an approach to the web has in many cases seen a number of potentially successful websites fail to take the next step forward simply because of the decision makers own short sightedness and self belief that they know best.

Of course, in some instances it is better to be a follower than an innovator, but this is the web! Never before has a market place existed that can so dramatically change in an instant. What’s hot one day, may not be the next and with that in mind, it is the innovators that flourish having given themselves a point of difference while the rest just become part of the pack and fall into online insignificance.

To take on the challenge of successful website maintenance and marketing is often out of the reach of many company marketing managers for a number of reasons; time, current work load, inexperience etc. Many may choose to take on the task thinking that so long as they update the content of their site, send out an e-newsletter to their database once a month, and keep on paying for Ad Words they will maintain a strong position online, but not so. Successful website maintenance and marketing goes well beyond content updates and basic e-marketing. Start to think more along the lines of user; what pages are popular, what pages suffer from a high exit rate and what can be done to combat this. How successful are your e-marketing campaigns? Is the low click to open ratio really because of what you are saying or is it a result of how you are saying it?

To the common marketing manager the answers to these questions is often difficult to give, and to the decision maker it is then all too easy to blame the website and say “it isn’t working”.

But is this really the case? As they say a bad work man always blames their tools!

Why not therefore turn to the people responsible for your site in the first place? What can they do for you? Put the onus back on them to deliver and I guarantee you’ll be surprised.

It was their vision in the first place that saw you take the leap from your current website that “no one looks at” to where you are today, but why stop there? Where do you want to be tomorrow and how are you going to get there? In fact, don’t even worry about that, leave it to the experts and let them tell you when tomorrow comes.

If you would like to get ready for tomorrow, contact Wiliam web design today.