Find out how Abercrombie and Fitch increased online revenue by 30%. Overnight.

I must be one of the only people in the world who sees the word "webinar" in a subject line and registers straight away. Here are some interesting things I leant from Clicktales latest Webinar "the power of visualising customer experience" Click Tale's latest webinar


Abercrombie and Fitch Case Study

Abercrombie and Fitch overnight increased  their already 1 billion dollars in online revenue by 30%. Their online channel is responsible for 1/4 of their revenue as a whole (which is 4 billion dollars a year) so they obviously take it very seriously.

Originally the home page had the call to action below the fold but people didn't scroll down far enough to see it.

By moving the conversion button to the top and centre of the page and removing the distractions around it conversion rate of customers who clicked and went on to make a purchase OVERNIGHT jumped by 30%. Remember online sales make up 1 billion dollars a year so this is a massive return on investment. Overnight.

 Abercrombie case study

North Face Case Study

North Face shopping site wanted to increase conversion rate of the checkout process. They had a lot of customers putting items into their basket and never purchasing. Prior to click tale they used AB testing and guessed what to put on the site, this is risky and can be an expensive exercise in comparison to analysing click tale date.
Version A : The before there is clear movement and focus on the top right area that listed items in the cart and quantity. There is a black banner between this and the checkout button.

Version B: Moved the banner than was blocking the button and moved checkout button to where attention was already focused. This increased the conversion rate by 62%.

 North Face Casse Study

Casino Club Case Study

Casino Club needed to increase conversion for sign up pages, after filling this in customers would go on to put in credit card details and start gambling.

Many customers arrived but didn't complete the process. This German site was created by translating from the UK site. Form analytics showed the last name had a high percentage of abandonment rate, with users needing to refill last name field 3 times on average. This was odd that such a high percentage of users had trouble filling in last name. After drilling down into recordings it revealed a cultural usability problem with the last name field. It did not allow for 20 character or symbols such as hyphens, which is common for Germans last names. They adjusted this and eliminated 90% of problems on this page.

Casino Club Case Study