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When to send an email

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Web Strategy

I was asked by one of our Producers yesterday afternoon if a client should send an email to his database at 4.30pm; the offer was a cloud-based telephone system.

Ultimately, these things come down to common sense – would I open my email if I received it now/whenever? When would I be in the best frame of mind to open the email and click the offer?

1. 10am and 2pm are statistically the best times to send emails.

2. During peak times – such as end of financial year – it is best to be a little clever about these times; e.g. 9.30 or 1.30 so that the email stands out from the rest.

3. Whilst I enjoy the 4.45pm emails I receive from industry websites such as AdWorld, B&T and Mumbrella, most people do not relax in front of their computer after a hard day. Only Internet guys and girls.

4. Decisions about hosted phone systems are most definitely not made at 4.30pm! Although the offer was excellent and greatly simplified, the click-through rate on such an email/offer is going to be low in any event… it will be a lot lower when people are checking train timetables and packing their bag.

There will be trial and error involved, though I’d be aiming to send your email at the more statistically successful times, Tuesday – Thursday.

I appreciate that this blog is a simple analysis and that hyper-email marketers will have much more complex algorithms and technologies – they know when you’re in the shower and when you’re not – though this blog isn’t for them…