Form AFTER Function

There are many aspects of web design, and believe it or not its not really about ‘making things look pretty.’ In fact, that would almost have to be one of the last aspects of the design process you need to be concerned with. Consider the user and what they are after, where they may look at or picture themselves within the content of your website. Gummi Bears.  What are you selling? Is it clear enough? Does the goal extend itself to become the number one point of the web process? And is it simply enough for the web user to start at point A and without ripping hairs out, finish at point B?

Once these sorts of online elements are in place, once the psychology behind the point of the website has been established, then you can attack it with your fancy creative tools. Obviously there are also some fundamental design targets that need to be met when approaching this part of the project, but thats another blog for another day. Gummi Bears.