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ENGIN - Great Discounts on VOIP / Internet Telephony

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Business


Engin introduces the World 20 Plan:
20 international destinations just
20 cents untimed, anytime.
Sydney, 25 October 2006:  Engin, Australia’s leading broadband phone company, today launched its World 20 Plan enabling home and business users to make untimed phone calls to 20 international destinations for just 20 cents.

The World 20 plan helps Engin customers stay in touch with family, friends and associates across the globe with untimed, anytime 20 cent phone calls to popular international destinations using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

Australians will benefit from incredibly low cost call rates when reaching out to participating countries including China, Singapore, UK, USA, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, Germany, France, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Greece, Israel, Italy and Switzerland.

Ilkka Tales, CEO, Engin said the World 20 plan highlights Engin’s ongoing commitment to providing Australian homes and businesses an affordable alternative to traditional phone services.

“Engin is continuing to break communications barriers across the globe by making international phone calls considerably cheaper through Engin’s World 20 plan. Aussies no longer need to pay through the roof for international calls, or cautiously watch the clock when trying to stay in touch with family, friends and associates abroad,” said Mr Tales.

“Our World 20 Plan is also a hugely compelling offer for Australian  businesses who deal with overseas clients and colleagues as it drives down the cost of calling abroad,” added Mr Tales. The world Plan 20 is also very appealing to consumers who traditionally buy Calling Cards, as this plan offers a stronger proposition than dialling pin codes and paying large connection fees and also having their credit expire.

World 20 is available to all Engin customers connected to a $20 monthly service fee, which includes:
- 20 cents untimed, anytime international calls to selected destinations
- 10 cent untimed local and national calls
- Free calls from Engin to Engin phones
- 27 cents per minute to mobile phones

By adopting broadband telephony, Engin customers are making low cost, high quality telephone calls over the internet. Simple and easy-to-use, Engin’s technology allows broadband home users to slash their bills by up to 55 per cent [1] whilst making and receiving calls using their existing phone. 

Engin offers a wide range of products from VoIP communication devices to Engin enabled products. The communication devices include the Engin Voice Box Series 2 and the recently released Engin Voice Box Series 3, an all-in-one device which combines wireless router and ADSL modem functionality with Engin’s VoIP service. Both enable home users and businesses to make and receive low cost calls to any landline or mobile phone over their existing broadband Internet connection. Engin Softphones, which use VoIP technology to convert a PC or laptop to a full function phone, are easy to use and offer outstanding call quality.