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Websites Amass 100 Million

Tags : Technology

It seems as though our obsession with the internet has reached an ever-growing pinnacle that now soars beyond 100 million websites.

According to Netcraft (who explore and monitor internet usage and trends), previous growth figures of 17 million websites added in 2005 has been eclipsed to the tune of 27.4 million new websites added to date this year. The path to 100 million sites has seen exponential growth from the first site appearing in 1991 to a miserly 19 thousand websites in 1995 through to 101 435 253 websites at the end of October 2006.

As with many other technologically advanced nations Australia’s most hit website is that of search giant Google, however in recent times the explosion of sites such as Youtube and MySpace has lead to competition in the struggle for surfers’ time, as they are now quite literally faced with 100 million choices.

With so many options, the challenge facing new website design teams is being found among the 100 million others, this is technically referred to as search engine optimization. SEO ensures websites are able to capture the sector of the audience they are targeting, that is, standing out from the other 100 million competitors.

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