The power of utilising Video on your website

Back in the late 20’s early 30’s film makers in Hollywood commercialised synchronised sound films to replace silent movies. This innovation resulted in an unprecedented ability to captivate audience’s attention and “talkies” exploded in popularity. This wave of popularity set Hollywood up to be one of the world’s central cultural hubs of the 20th century. Savvy web marketers and digital agencies can utilise the same captivating power of video as part of successful web strategy to support brand’s and achieve exceptional cut through with online audiences.

If you are considering whether or not to spend the time producing, packaging and serving web video here are some reasons to tempt you:

Credibility - High production values in your video and website will help to support your credibility online and differentiate your offering from that of your competitors.

Cut through - If you need to deliver a more detailed message, video may assist you in grabbing the attention of your audience and achieving that additional cut through. Text alone can struggle to deliver some messages as audiences initially scan text before they commit or engage with the content. Video improve this engagement and therefore support the other content on your site.

Engage your audience – Effective use of video content can effectively captivate your audience and grab’s the attention of your prospects, visitors, and customers.

Increase conversion rates - The more people engage and understand the essence of your offering or brand the better your conversions will be. This could mean more enquiries, more sales, more newsletter signups, etc.

Enhance the user experience – As with many great Web 2.0 tools it’s all about good execution. I am not advocating intrusive, annoying or disruptive videos any more than I would advocate 100% flash websites. An experienced digital agency should use video to enhance the user experience for your audience not to annoy them.

Whether you deliver your video using Flash video, YouTube, Vidler or some other tool, I highly recommend you consider video as part of your website strategy. If you are an online marketer or digital agency and you are not considering utilising video as part of your client’s website strategy then I recommend you start doing so before you go the way of the silent film.

For examples of a good use of video website strategy check out some of the following links, feel free to post some other examples!