Quality Landing Pages Design

Have you invested in banner ads or other traffic generating strategies? If so, where are you directing this traffic? In most instances, your landing page will be the only opportunity to convert potential customers. Do you simply direct visitors to you home page and hope for the best or have you created a customized page aimed at engaging potential customer?  If you wish to capitalise on your marketing investment, you must also invest on your landing page.

Does a visitor know what to do next? Your landing page should be concise and present the viewer with clearly defined next steps. You must carefully consider what actions you are hoping the visitor will take. Do you want them to sign up for a newsletter, provide personal information, tell others about your product, or make a purchase? Once you’ve decided on these actions, your landing page should focus solely on enticing visitors to complete them.

Is the experience consistent? Your landing page should resemble the initiating advertisement in both content and design. If not, a visitor may think they have mistakenly accessed the wrong page. A consistent message helps drive home your point and adds professionalism as well.

Are you making the most of your space? Most visitors who access your landing page from a banner ad will not stay long. It is critical to be both direct and engaging. You may be tempted to provide detailed information on your landing page but keep in mind that most visitors will not scroll beyond the first page. As addressed above, the next steps should be priority. If you wish to share additional information, try to organize it in bullet points, making it easy to scan the information.

What works best can vary greatly based on a variety of factors such as target market and the nature of your business. Monitoring the effectiveness of your landing page is critical to the overall success of your marketing campaign. As you understand what is working and what isn’t, you can refine your page and ensure the largest ROI for your marketing investment.