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Long live the email.

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Email Marketing

Some interesting and quick stats to start this blog.

Across a range of our clients – especially in eCommerce and online sales – email can be over 50% of the sale; in other words, in a campaign or for a new product, 50% of their sales will come from existing customers.

These same clients at the same time have very, very little success with social, at least in terms of sales. Generally less than 2%. Definitely big questions about fCommerce and whether that will even fare.

It is true that Pinterest is growing fast as a significant traffic driver – I know one female cosmetics websites doing 10% of their traffic from Pinterest, though how much of this is converting to sale is another question and one I didn’t get an answer for.

I’m writing this blog in response to a good and accurate blog I read in Marketing Pilgrim.

More than half of US marketers (not us Sydney web designers though the metrics would hold true) say that email is their most effective channel for sales which, as the article points out, is a good thing because marketers spend half their time preparing these emails.

Other stats from the article: 

  • 63% of marketers said their current marketing mix was meeting their needs.
  • Marketers were concerned and frustrated that they couldn’t measure ROI.
  • More than three quarters of marketers will be expanding or diversifying their online marketing mix.
  • Segmented marketing (i.e. by industry, geography or job title) is growing in popularity.