How Not To Lose 35% of Email Clickthroughs

By the end of 2012 around 35% of all email opens will be on a mobile device*. If you are not designing mobile-friendly email marketing campaigns, you are losing 1 in 3 potential buyers.

If you want to keep all 3 buyers, here are 3 simple rules.

  1. Think about size. Mobiles have small screens and limited real estate. Make your fonts large and your message small otherwise you won’t get your point across.
  2. Think about placement. If a mobile user cannot see your call-to-action they cannot click it.
  3. Think about images. While some mobile devices load images by default, many do not. If your call-to-action is an image it might not load and nobody can click it.


*Based on extrapolations from Mobile Email Opens Report, November 2011.