Key tips for retargeting

A quick blog today because there is no need to rewrite what is otherwise a very good – if slightly generic – question and answer article on retargeting.

For those not in the know, retargeting (sometimes known as behavioural retargeting) is a form of online advertising targeted (and potentially quite personalised) at users based on their past interactions or history; in its simplest form, showing a user banner ads of a website they have previously visited.

It’s a pertinent time to discuss retargeting because there has been a noticeable upswing in it being mentioned by clients and if otherwise in doubt, we have all witnessed the increasing number of familiar banner ads chasing you around the web, on all sorts of random sites.

The article I refer to is good in that it highlights the common questions I hear and tries to lay the foundation for good practice when it comes to retargeting which are essentially:

1. Know your customers’ path to purchase.

2. Be sensible.

3. Find the mix that works for you.

As the article point out – and as all of us well know – nobody respects or clicks that dumb banner ad appearing for the hundredth time; and so you’d do well to avoid simply dumping your banners all over the web in an attempt to retarget and lure back your customers and instead, campaign with just a little bit of strategy, planning and common sense.