Top Tips to Keep Your Content Fresh

Is your site getting a bit long in the tooth? Did you last update your website when Bob Hawke was in office? Nothing culls a web audience faster than stale content.

Try a blog. People want to hear from you, that’s why they came to your site in the first place. A blog is a great tool for both talking to your site guests regularly and keeping your content fresh with just a few paragraphs of your thoughts.

Too long, how do 140 characters strike you? With Twitter you can communicate in short bursts, and can be shown on your site via web feed. (For reference, the preceding paragraph was 139 characters, perfect for a tweet on Twitter)

Still not working for you, not big on all that typing? Try a forum and give your audience a place for open discussion. A forum is a great way to let your visitors both share thoughts and information as well as build your site’s content.

Your site may be the flashest around, but if there’s nothing new to keep your visitors coming back, it could be on its way to an early grave.