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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

Vince Scordino Team : Web Development Tags : Mobile Web

Are you reading this on a bus? A train? Perhaps waiting at the RTA for your number to be called? Did you know that “More than 37% of Australian phone users have a smartphone. It’s a recognised fact that when users upgrade their mobile phones they are very likely to upgrade to a smartphone”. That being said, have you thought about your website and whether it’s easy to navigate with the flick of a thumb?

Not you? Here’s some more ‘mobile user’ food for thought: 

  • 65% have read product reviews
  • 50% mobile searches lead to a purchase
  • Google discovered that  95% Smart phone users have searched for local information
  • 61% users will call the business
  • And 59% visit the location

It’s 2012 and users are viewing your website on a large variety of devices, including the latest mobiles and tablet products hitting stores today. A rich experience is imminent and your site needs to look its best and perform quickly regardless of the device being used to access it.

A well designed website will be compatible with all types of mobile and smart phones, where navigation needs to be as simple as possible with as little scrolling as possible. Custom mobile sites are quite important for the “not so patient user” where bullet points or summaries of content can be displayed specific to the users device – thus requiring little effort and patience to read full articles (unless requested) as well as accommodating fingertip navigation of even the biggest hand to reduce the number of key strokes needed to access areas of the site.

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