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Introducing Tricklar

Kathleen Shrimpton Team : Web Production Tags : Web Design News MVC

Last week Wiliam launched a news aggregator website, Tricklar

The way that Tricklar differs from other news aggregator websites is the way that it also analyses the trending words for that day, region and category.

If you click on the Discovery menu you can see the current trending words in the word cloud. The sizing reflects the amount of times a word has been mentioned so the larger words appear the more popular they are. The word cloud system iteratively places words of varying sizes within the cloud while respecting both word size and cloud shape requirements.

The sources listed show the 10 most popular feeds that these words have been mentioned on.  

The statistics analyse the amount of articles associated with the popular words and their averages:

You can also further analyse individual words through search. This will show you an Associated Words word cloud which reflects similar words that are used in conjunction with your trending word.

The tiles also follow an algorithm to decipher their size and position on the page based on the amount of times the popular words are mentioned in an article: 

The custom CMS was built on the back of MVC 5 and the Bootstrap framework. This accommodates a standard template for all Listing and Editing layouts and forms, greatly easing our ability to implement business logic without being bogged down in building simple CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) methods.

Give it a try and discover the trending topics in the news today!