Including Video on your website

Compared to 12 months ago, the number of prospective clients and long term clients asking about video solutions has vastly increased for us. The general trend of video solutions being requested fall into two succinct areas. The first being providing an enterprise level video solutions with a custom player promoting a clients products or services. The second being simply embedding video from a third party site like Youtube in blogs or key pages of the sites. Either way we’re seeing much more video content being produced for client websites.

As we’re always watching what’s happening further afield, it’s only fitting to share with you a recent blog we saw on How People Share Online Video over at Although US centric, it’s a great insight into how many people are looking at video and how they are sharing it with others. Great to know if you’re planning developing a new website sometime soon or are looking at features to improve your current site. Video will definitely increase the engagement levels.

The key result of the survey undertaken shows that 62% of US Internet users watched at least one clip a week, a figure that Lightspeed analysts translated into 97 million weekly viewers. This of course was over a number of sites, but it shows that the trend has shift from a few years back where people asked will consumers watch video online through to where are they watching them. The most widely used platform for discovering and viewing video online was YouTube, followed by e-mail, music sites, Yahoo! and news sites.

From a business and strategy perspective, video is a great way to articulate a product or service offering. Keys to success for video on your site are;

  • Quality video production value
  • Ability to use formats such as widescreen and HD
  • Inclusion of transcripts or extracts on page for search benefits
  • Enterprise quality hosting / streaming solution

If you’d like to learn more about how Wiliam can help design and deploy a video solution for your site, contact us for more information.