Dallas Karrasch Team : Web Operations Tags : Online Trends Google

'I wonder what the top Google searches for 2014 were?' you may be asking yourself

Dallas Karrasch Team : Web Operations Tags : Online Trends Google

Well, we’re almost at the end of another year and as we start to wind down, we find ourselves inadvertently scanning the ‘Top/Best/Worst’ lists for 2014.

 Why? Why not? It kills time while we’re winding down!

 So what grabbed my attention this week? The top 10 questions asked on Google (ie those with the highest growth rate  in search traffic compared to last year) by Americans.

 Moving on from Miley Cyrus and twerking (2013’s top searches, can you believe it?) , Americans this year directed their ‘what is..’ questions to world events and current affairs.

 According to Google Year in Search the top 10 trending searches were:

 1. What is Ebola

2. What is ALS

3. What is ISIS

4. What is Bitcoin

5. What is asphyxiation

6. What is gamergate

7. What is Whatsapp

8. What is MERS

9. What is Hamas

10. What is Airdrop

 The ‘How to..’ searches however, appear to be a bit more random (to say the least!). Drumroll…..

1. How to Airdrop (here it is again!)

2. How to contour

3. How to vote

4. How to kiss

5. How to craft (what?)

6. How to colorblock

7. How to wakeboard

8. How to refurbish

9. How to delegate

10. How to DIY

If you’re keen to see the top results of the above searches, check out Huffington Post’s article here. In the meantime, I’m going back to my browsing…. Xmas holidays are only five days away after all.