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Dallas Karrasch

Tweet to Eat

A social experiment in India for KFC is kind of a good idea…

Dallas Karrasch

The Ringly cocktail ring transfers wearable technology from the wrist to the finger!

Ladies, how many times have you missed a call or a text because your phone is sitting at the bottom of your bag and you haven’t heard it ringing, binging or dinging? Having lunch with friends – damn, missed that call you’ve been waiting for all morning! Out of the office – damn, didn’t hear the meeting reminder and now you’re going to be late!

Dallas Karrasch

Estonians embrace the digital world

While Europe & the United States debate the role of technology in people's daily lives, Estonia has welcomed it as a fact of life.

Dallas Karrasch

Wearable Fitness Technology - All for one or one for all?

Do customers want to buy one fitness device that can do almost everything? Or do they want to buy a number of connected products -- like shoes, shirts and glasses -- that work together toward a common goal?

Dallas Karrasch

'I wonder what the top Google searches for 2014 were?' you may be asking yourself

Well, we’re almost at the end of another year and as we start to wind down, we find ourselves inadvertently scanning the ‘Top/Best/Worst’ lists for 2014.

Dallas Karrasch

One day sale profits that last all year

Black Friday! Cyber Monday! Do the stats add up?

Dallas Karrasch

Who wants to be an Estonian e-resident?

Estonia has become the first country to offer anyone, anywhere an E-residency.

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