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Government recommends: Dump Internet Explorer!

Simon Miller Team : Web Development Tags : Technology

Web developers and the more technical-minded of the Internet populace have long ago realised that Internet Explorer is not a good browser. It has taken Microsoft eight versions to get close to adhering to W3C standards (important for ensuring a similar website experience across all browsers). More than that, the browser itself has proven over time to be constantly subjectable to hacking attempts enabling malicious users to gain control of your computer or steal your sensitive information.

The latest security exploit was deemed so detrimental that the French Government issued warnings and recommended that all users switch to using an alternate browser. Google’s network was compromised by hackers using a new Internet Explorer 6 vulnerability. As of this morning, the Australian Government has joined in with similar claims that users risk having their passwords stolen and computers infiltrated should they continue to use the IE browser.

Using an alternative browser is the best prevention. Although other browsers may or may not have similar vulnerabilities to IE, the fact is that IE is being targeted because it is the most popular with 63% of Internet users using it over the available alternatives. It is not hard to make the switch – all the currently available alternative browsers will import your existing favourite websites into the new software.

If you are using a Mac you are already most likely using the Safari browser (Internet Explorer is no longer available for Mac) so you do not need to do anything. If you are on a Windows PC then you have four major alternatives to consider – Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. Firefox is the most popular alternative available with a vast range of supported plug-ins (enhancements to the browser experience). Chrome is the new kid on the block but is quickly gaining ground due to its raw speed. Safari is similar to Chrome however the PC version is not yet as refined as its OSX counterpart. Opera has been around the longest and was the first to support tabbed browsing.

All of these browsers will suit your casual browsing requirements so try them all!