Will Apple dump Google as iPhone’s default search engine?

It’s been reported that Apple is in talks with Microsoft to make Bing the default search engine for the iPhone’s Safari web browser, which is currently Google.  If this is true, whats next? IPhone currently comes with default apps from Google services such as Google Maps and YouTube. Could the deal include other services as well?

I doubt this move will hurt Google at all seeing as they have their own mobile OS, Android, on a plethora of devices that are quickly catching the attention of consumers. Also, iPhone users can switch between Google, Yahoo, or Bing if it’s included.  So I imagine lots of users will just be using their search engine of choice.  This move does however point out the divide ever growing between Apple and Google.

It will be interesting to see who this develops, and what effect it will actually have in consumers decisions when it comes choosing between Apple or Android if any.  One thing you can bank on, is that both Google and Apple are constantly improving their products and the battle will continue.