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How to lose friends and alienate customers

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I have recently required the help of the Google Adwords support team and because we are fortunate enough to be classified as an agency, we have the ability to ring them on a 1300 number or alternatively email a generic address to help get our answers sorted.

This blog is to show how even the big boys can get automated customer service wrong.

The matter is relatively urgent, so I decided to ring the 1300 number first and try and organize what needed to be done – it would only take a few minutes I am assuming as the task is not overly that great.

I rang the number, got a hold of someone straight away and was off – great customer service and was able to help me out with a few of the ancillary requirements I had, though my main concerns would have to be addressed directly with Adwords (based in Ireland) or via the support email I mentioned earlier.

So I was instructed to email straight away to the Adwords AU email account, which I did.

I constructed a very clear, concise and to the point email – outlining my customer numbers, requirements and ensured that it was easy for anyone who read it to pick up my account and get stuck into the small tasks.

After sending, around 15 minutes later I received a generic email response.

It was as follows;


It looks like you have some questions about your AdWords account. You may find that the quickest way to find answers to your questions is by visiting the AdWords Help Center at https://adwords.google.com.au/support. Or, try the AdWords Help Forum at
http://www.google.com.au/support/forum/p/AdWords?hl=en, where you can connect with other advertisers to share information and exchange ideas.
We've developed these resources to empower you to find the best ways to manage your account, so that you can achieve the results you want.

If you're not able to find an answer to your question by searching or browsing the Help Center, you can reach us by clicking the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the Help Center or by clicking the 'Contact Us' link directly within your AdWords account. So that we can better assist you, please be sure to mention your AdWords Customer ID or AdWords login email (not your password).

Best regards,

The Google Australia & NZ AdWords Team”

Now think about this, our matter is relatively urgent and is regarding billing. We have been instructed to email generic support address, which is fair game – but to receive an email back that is very unclear on whether we can even expect a response is just plain annoying. I am very aware of the online resources available, though the reason for my contact is because I cannot find the solution I require.

I am certain this email is to help field very straight forward or overly simple questions they must receive in the bucket loads, but you have to admit a small line on ‘alternatively, we will answer your response within X working days’ would be much needed. Something that atleast acknowledges my email request for support.

Instead I am now unsure if my email will even be returned?

I am by no means angry with Google, but believe they could really improve this situation in just a few easy steps, it is hard to imagine how frustrating it is to get a response like this when you have numerous people that are waiting for YOU to get back to them on the topic.