Customer insights, analytics and Micro UX

Now I know I am not the first person to write about the power of analytics and Micro UX, and I definitely won’t be the last, but today I intrinsically understood the concept, and why it’s the next best thing since sliced bread.

For those who don’t know; micro UX is essentially the concept of simple interactions and effects that have been designed to create an interesting and unique experience for the user. Pretty simple right? 

I will put things in context for you!!

We recently offered people the option of emailing me directly instead of filling out an enquiry form on our website contact page. And I have noticed a considerable increase in emails over the form. This got us talking about how people copy my email address.  

If you use outlook and click my email then a new email opens; easy right? But if you don’t use outlook then nothing happens and it’s difficult (of not impossible) to copy; painful right?

Like many businesses we use heat mapping to track onsite user activity. The below screen shot of our contact page was sent to me today by our Production Director.

It’s pretty clear that people are trying to copy my address; the big red dot represents 10% of all clicks on page, yet nothing happens when you try to highlight it. 

Have a look at the video, you can literally see the frustration: 

Now you may be wondering where I am going with this, but trust me, this is the good part. Our Production Director turned to me and simply said “let’s just add a button that says copy”

Excellent idea right? Now everyone is happy and we have provided an excellent experience to our customers.

In essence, this is true Micro UX, and by using analytics and customer insights you can make some really simple (and inexpensive) alterations to your website that will both wow your customers and blow your competitors out of the water.

It’s not rocket science, it’s just science!

If you're still not sure what Micro UX is, I highly recommend reading our Strategy Directors blog on the topic. It’s a great read!

So go on, get out there, start analysing, and start optimising, because if you don’t, others will.