Natalie Ashes Team : Web Production

Christmas is near so send more emails and get more money

Natalie Ashes Team : Web Production

Emails are just another channel of advertising such as TV, Radio, Print ads. Retailers are spending more money over the Christmas period on these forms of advertising so it make sense to spend it on email as well.

The success of an email campaign is often measured by open or click through rate. If rates are low it is assumed that the campaign was not successful. I do not agree with this however as what are the chances of you sending an email at the exact moment a user wants to purchase your product. Low.

The below screenshot is of my inbox filtering by Dimmi, as you can see most of them are unopened. This doesn't mean I don't like receiving Dimmi's emails it just means when I had received them it was not a time that I was going out to dinner. Next time I book a restaurant I will always book with Dimmi. 

Dimmi in my Inbox

Use your customers inbox as a branding tool by creating brand awareness. After all, if it is really annoying people they can unsubscribe.

Remember that advertising in all its forms creates brand awareness, an unopened email is no different from an ad you see on TV that doesn't trigger you to buy from. Over this Christmas period send smart, segmented and responsive emails. And lots of them.