Flog Your Blog on Facebook

One of the first Web 2.0 styled applications that has the capability to improve our social networking lives has arrived - The Blog RSS Feed Reader. Syndicating blogs via an RSS feed, directly onto your Facebook Profiles, the Blog RSS Feed Reader is a sophisticated way to engage your social network.

The Blog RSS Feed Reader allows users to inject character into their Facebook Profile – veering social utility interaction into a personal and distinctive realm.

Developed by Robert Beerworth and Jason Deacon of Wiliam, the Blog RSS Feed Reader enables users to add a personal or corporate blog RSS Feed directly to their Facebook profile – viewable to everyone in their social network.

It’s a unique, deliberate and a more universal way to generate traffic - directing it towards individual Facebook Profiles.

Blog RSS Feed Reader acts as both a content syndication service and a notification system which doesn’t require any additional software – users only need to download the application and it’s ready to use immediately.

However, what makes the Blog RSS Feed Reader truly unique is the personalisation.

While most content generated from other applications is generic, users control what the Blog RSS Feed Reader produces using the exact content the users has selected.

To further customise the Blog RSS Feed Reader, users are able to add images, descriptions and links to their RSS Feed & Blog to forward onto friends, via email or through the Facebook platform messaging system.

Embracing the Web 2.0 sphere in social networking, the developers of the Blog RSS Feed Reader have integrated features that allow users to add blog feeds from their other social media pages such as their MySpace or MSN Live Space– immediately onto their Facebook Profile.

Blog RSS Feed Reader enhances user profiles and as facebookprofile.com states in a recent review “…..It looks awesome…Very Web 2.0 style….Honestly just use it.”