Article marketing is dead

Links are the life blood of SEO.

Whether you like it or not (I don't like it!) your SEO strategy can only go so far without strong and relevant links – and lots of them.

In days gone by you could beat the system by simply writing a generic article, submitting to an article directory and waiting for other ambitious website owners to copy the content and paste on their own website, links included and thus creating a back link.

Now days however I would be too scared to go anywhere near an article directory. Posting some dribble on a page, stuffed with back links, so that other amateur search engine optimiser’s can copy my content and post on their low quality, low page rank blog that is made to make them $15USD in Adsense per month? No thanks.

I would rather not have any links to my website than risk my credentials from getting links from bad neighborhoods (e.g. ghetto websites).

For this reason I believe article marketing is truly dead for the marketer. What about the publisher though? Well you can still copy and paste the content, it may rank for 1 day or drive a tiny amount of traffic, though give it 2 weeks and you will find it in the supplementary results, never to be seen again.

All in all, article marketing is a complete waste of time for all parties involved.