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5 reasons that ongoing SEO work is important

Tags : SEO

Quite frequently we receive requests for help with search engine optimisation – largely from people who have found us naturally in the search engines offering such services (case in point as to the importance of SEO), yet I am constantly having to explain the importance of ongoing SEO work versus a ‘pump and dump’ style of SEO.

‘Pump and dump’ SEO involves firms who largely just charge a large investment fee and produce a tedious report or technical recommendations document for the client to implement – the problem is however, the client never has the time or the skill sets required to implement, effectively making the document a perfect prop to place your coffee on each morning.

Although these reports can be very beneficial when actually implemented, the fact remains that SEO as a concept is constantly evolving and requires numerous tactics to stay ahead of the competition – something that simply is not a doable objective for clients whose core skill sets are well outside of the online arena.

So to further explain why ongoing SEO work is important, here are the top five reasons for outsourcing SEO and letting people who live and breath the online space take control of your search strategy:

1. Most companies fail to implement the SEO audit or SEO recommendations given to them

The most value you will get from an SEO company is when they are working hands on with your website in the development stage or actually implementing their own recommendations to your live website. Working with your web developer who actually has experience and results to show in the SEO field means a great deal of time saving into the future.

2. SEO providers can proactively build you links over time

Link building is a tedious process; in fact we tend to favor not building links at Wiliam in exchange for more time on site making changes that will actively increase your rankings quicker.
This being said, it cannot be overlooked that link building is a vital part of SEO. By engaging an SEO company, ideally they will be looking for opportunities with new clients, existing clients and related websites to help build links.

3. SEO is ever changing

Because SEO is an art, not a science – a single Google update can be detrimental to any online business. This is why SEO companies can proactively manage your rankings, thinking about the future and ways to ensure you always stay on top of your game.

4. A dedicated SEO company puts more hands on deck

Most companies are already thinly spread with employees, lumping the SEO on your graphic designer, webmaster or marketing manager is not necessarily the best way forward on an ongoing basis.

5. The cost factor

Some people will not like the idea of paying an external company each month for SEO, when they can try and get someone internally to try and do it. Think about the number of hours that person will take to do a simple task compared to a company who is 100% geared towards performing SEO work.

Simple math will show that it will be much more cost effective to outsource.