Designing for BRAZIL 2014!

We know sport is really good for gathering people together, but it is also good for getting clever design ideas together.

To mark the 2014 world cup in Brazil, the company Karoshi founded in 2006 in london created an edition wall chart and accompanying website named brazil fourteen.

The B2 poster are a limited edition and each poster is screen printer in silver and comes with a metal pen, allowing fans to record the results.
There is also a responsive website which allows users to customise the site in their team colours and to reflect their time zone, also features a downloadable fixture list and will be updated with results as the tournament progresses.



As footballers, runners etc. are always trying to improve performance, so are sporting websites, finding new and clever ways to improve their site performance with vibrant, alive, fresh and of course eye catching designs.

Sport are energetic and action-packed exactly like this website's examples (bellow some links of creative sports websites)

Have a look… Ready, Go and Have fun!