Anna Hosie Team : User Experience and Information Architecture Tags : Email Marketing

Send emails that get read

Anna Hosie Team : User Experience and Information Architecture Tags : Email Marketing

All of us receive an excessive amount of emails daily. Many we delete without reading. What makes an email grab a reader’s attention so that the first reaction is to open it not to delete it.

Be direct

Don’t try and squeeze too much information into the visible content of the email. Make sure that the reason for the email takes the majority of that visual space. Advertising a sale on flights? Make sure the reader knows it. This includes using a smart and concise email subject heading.

Be informative

Keep the sales talk to a minimum as no one likes a salesman. Present information clearly and concisely. And if possible include content that can be used, like product tips, or consumed, like video content.

Provide options

Don’t assume your target market likes to do things the same way. For example, many people like to shop. However, some people like to do this instore while others prefer online, and some even over the phone. If you have got options let the reader know them.

Be personal

Personalise the copy if you can using any information stored about the subscriber, such as previous purchases etc or, if nothing else titling an email with a first name never goes amiss.

Also the more an email sounds like it has been written by someone similar to the intended reader the better. Email content serious? Keep the copy formal. Likewise, if the content is about something fun like a music festival, keep the copy light and casual.

Include navigation

Don’t forget it doesn’t hurt to design the email with a similar look and feel to the website it is trying to promote. This means including a simple navigation which would encourage the reader to look further.

Subscribe again

Remember emails are often forwarded - from a friend, family or colleague. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to sign up another subscriber. Make sure you include the option to subscribe in the email as well.