Saucey NUnit - Front end unit testing

Front end unit testing is tricky – and it is hard to find tools that allow you to do exactly what you like to do in a test case scenario.

And the main pain in the arse is the script writing – no Developer likes that arduous task…

So here’s something that could potentially stream line this, selenium.

Basically this little tool allows you to record all your browser interactions – and I mean all; clicks, text entry etc.

It is a Firefox extension so the installation is super simple.

Where this thing really comes into its own is the exporting functionality – Yep you guessed it, NUnit script export.

Simply Record Test Case (i.e user journey), save as a C# NUit test file, add it to your testing project and snap – that’s it.

Test management is also important so plugging this type of approach into something like saucelabs is really simple – simply follow the steps in their docs and download the selenium NUnit SDK.

Steps as follows:

Record using selenium builder 


Add to Project & Build & Run – Personally I prefer the resharper testing VS tools; each to their own

Preview in management tools – in this case Sauce labs


The SauceLab management tools are awesome – you can replay the tests that where run and view in detail the logs and errors that occurred in that session. 

NOTE: One thing I forgot to mention is you need to tweak the exported selenium code slightly to fit with the saucelab integration. Ensure you use the selenium webdriver given to you in the get started link in saucelabs.